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Hello and welcome to a Thousand Pages. The book club, via live journal, was created for those people who always felt that they should have read the classics or well-acclaimed books, but never had the motivation to do so. Any member is allowed to post an entry with the books description or just title and author and reccommend it to other members. From this list the members will vote on which book they wish to read for next month. The vote for the book of the month will be done on the 25th in a post sent out by me. The discussion board for the other book is open all month. The other books reccommend will then be deleted.The other members can then post in the entry with their views on the book and how they liked or disliked the book. Although the community is open to all books, it is prefered that we stay within the classics and well acclaimed books. Have fun and please share your opinions and thoughts on any books. Hopefully we will have a good reading list in a few weeks.