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Pride and Prejudice

It has been entirely to long since a book has been recommended to this community. I would like to subjest to anyone who runs across this site to read some of the books that have been converted to major motion pictures, with particular note of three books.
The Chronicles of Narnia. This will probably be a re-read for many of us, but I think it should be mentioned. Relive part of your childhood and read the book before heading to the theatre this winter.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Come on people, I am a Harry Potter lookalike of course I am going to subjest reading the book beforehand. The movie is taking an even darker look than the previous three. See some of the reasoning why when you read this book. PLUS I think it is the best of the series (though the last one came close).
Pride and Prejudice. SO we all realize that I have been going through a Jane Austen phase. Austen considered the book to be her faviorote and of all her works it is probably the most recognizable title. Even if you find some of Austen's other works you should still try it. For me it is sometimes hard to even put down. PLUS the movie is getting pretty good reviews SO why not preseed seeing the movie with the book.
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